CPAP Supply Replacement

Need Supplies?

DID YOU KNOW? Most insurance companies now allow patients to receive a three months supply order at a time.

With a simple call to or from one of our friendly customer service representatives, Somerset Med Services can help you stay on the path to healthy PAP (Positive Air Pressure) therapy compliance. It is recommended that patients frequently change out their PAP interface equipment for optimal usage & comfort. Our representatives are available to verify your insurance benefits, take your supply order and ship the supplies directly to your home with FREE shipping!

Please contact us at (814) 443-1496 or toll free (800) 445-1496 for details on your insurance plan benefits.

DID YOU KNOW? If you have recurring sinus infections or a cough you should consider replacing your entire breathing circuit (filters, tubing, and mask). Many of our patients do this every 3 months to prevent or reduce the incidence of respiratory infection.

DID YOU KNOW? It is best to wash and hang dry your tubing daily to help prevent growth of mold and bacteria.

Suggested Replacement Program

Mask: 1 every 3 months Chinstrap: 1 every 6 months
Nasal Cushion/Pillow: 2 every 1 month Disp Filter: 2 every 1 month
Full Face Cushion: 1 every 1 month Non-Disp Filt: 1 every 6 months
Headgear: 1 every 6 months Tubing: 1 every 1 month*

*Medicare is 1 every 3 months